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Human Error exists in many different forms, and happens for a variety of reasons. In many cases several factors combine to create conditions for error to occur. Among the most obvious causes are a lack of know-how, or a loss of concentration, but hundreds of others are commonplace. Even the most careful, capable and conscientious person can be caught-out when adverse influences conspire against them. Trying to 'second guess' where and when each possible error might occur is almost impossible, but fortunately there is an alternative. - Click on 'Avoid Error' to learn more.

Misunderstandings are widespread about how our brains gather, analyse and use information from our senses. Ways in which our experience, hopes and expectations influence our choices are not always obvious. Our understanding and use of language also exerts powerful influence over our thoughts and deeds. Insufficient recognition of normal human characteristics often creates conditions in which error becomes more likely.

Although much remains to be discovered, there is a large and growing body of knowledge about why people make errors. Unfortunately, many organisations and individuals fail to make enough use of this knowledge. ... And that is a mistake !

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