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Since 1982, working with some of the world's best organisations to avoid human error

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About HEB

Since the early 80s the HEB has been helping organisations to identify where human error might occur, or more completely understand why it already has.

Most importantly, we have also pointed to ways of working that reduce risk of it happening or re-occurring.

Our approach has been applied in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, banking, aerospace, transport, telecommunications and public service, in parts of the world including the USA, Caribbean, South America, India, Singapore, Australia and across Europe. Problems have ranged from detailed shop-floor and customer-contact errors, through to larger-scale design, planning, operational and administrative errors.

We draw on a range of disciplines across psychology, engineering, human resource management and development, systems design, ergonomics and more. We value and admire the theoretical work that our colleagues in academic institutions do to increase understanding of fundamental issues in those areas. It's not what we do.

Our role is to bring that knowledge to bear on practical problems, in the imperfect and constrained world in which organisations go about their daily business. We have learned to do just that.